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Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

The Fight

Time and Tides (Raid)

Quest Giver: General Serobi (in Sarith, City of Tides)

Requirement to Request: 73 Skill Level in Alaran, Oseka's Knowledge, Sacred Relics, Tides of Change, The Key to Freedom, Begin the Offensive, Assault the Tower, Time and Tides (Group), The Herald of Oratory (Raid), The Defeat of Prexus (Raid) and Record of Lore
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Lore to be Flagged
Request Phrase: enter
Zone In Phrase: depart
Triggering Event: Right Click the Flask you were given for requesting the instance, by the Giant Pearl
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea
  • Alaran Adventurer (Raid)

Chest Loot


The Fight

After triggering the event all 6 mobs go live. To win the event you must kill 5 High Priests and then confine the final High Priest by clicking 9 Ancient Pearlescent Talismans on High Priest Xalziks within a 10 second span.

All High Priests are immune to standard forms of CC, and will summon/snare/stun at 100% leaving you with one option to deal with all 6 at the same time. Offtank 5 and kill 1 at a time.

Be aware of their AOEs. You cannot place them close together for two reasons. Overlapping AE DD + Stun will kill you / They heal each other. So where ever you offtank them you need to do it 60' away from others.

High Priest Xalziks

--Pure Waters - 6million HP Heal, 60 range

--Up From the Depths - 36k PBAE DD + Stun + Pushback

--Sea Spray - Single 3s Stun + 70% Snare

--Riptide - 19k PBAE DD + Slowpull

5 x High Priest of Oseka - Casts:

--Pure Waters - 6million HP Heal, 60 range

--Up From the Depths - 36k PBAE DD + Stun + Pushback

--Sea Spray - Single 3s Stun + 70% Snare


Throughout the event two types of adds will continually spawn with chances of a third add type spawning:

a zealot - Will spawn from zone in, and the 2 alcoves up from zone in. They path from those 3 spawn points to the water near the pearl. If any make it to the water, they poof and a new High Priest of Oseka spawns

a devout templar - Will spawn around the pearl and up the ramp randomly. They are mezzable, so just Mez them until there are about 5 or so and then have your MA peel off the High Priest to clean up the templars. These drop 1 Ancient Pearlescent Signet on occasion... so make sure to kill quite a few and loot them.

a serpent - Stepping in water (or getting summoned into) spawns these. So have levitate and stay out of water. These cannot be CCed in any way and must be killed.

Single Heal Strat

A strategy that worked for us was using 3 tank groups and 1 add group:

Group 1 = 3 Clerics/Druids, 2 Warriors 1 Paladin -- Purple and Black --

Group 2 = 2 Clerics/Druids, 2 Warriors/Paladins/Shadowknights, 2 Misc (generally backup tanks or healers) -- Orange and Green --

Group 3 = 2 Clerics/Druids, 2 Warriors/Paladins/Shadowknights (generally backup tanks or healers) -- Red and Blue --

Add Group = 1 Shaman, 0-1 Bards, 4-5 Monks/Beastlords/Rogues

All 3 groups will get 2 High Priests each to offtank. Group 3 will tank 1 in the corner near where the raid zones in and 1 near the base of the water (up a bit from it, near the wall where it veers to the right). These two minis will be pulled to these locations then killed. 1st the corner mob then pull the other into the corner after the 1st dies. After that this group will control all templar adds.

The other two tank groups can set up up the ramp and tank their 4 High Priests seperated from each other careful to not overlap their AOEs. You can split 2 and 2 between the two tendril things that just out from the main room. A possible setup is shown below. The lines are the pull paths, the dots are where they are offtanked:

When the event is activated 1 High Priest (the one closest to raid to start off) should be pulled to the camp and burned out. Another High Priest will be offtanked nearby (around the base of the ramp just above the water level). The other 4 High Priests should be pulled up to the upper areas to be offtanked.

Burn out the 1st two High Priests and have either the raid move up the spiral to the next High Priests or pull the High Priests down to the raid to be killed. What we do is pull the High Priests down closer to the raid then pull them to the entrance via these paths once the 1st two are dead:

Now loot all the templars corpses, you will need 9 Talisman's minimum. Do some sort of count down and right click all 9 or more at the same time on High Priest Xalziks. This will activate a wave of 15 or so zealots, kill all of them to win the event.

Group Healing Strat

This strategy involves setting up 2 groups:

Group 1 = 3 Clerics, 3 Warriors/Paladins/Shadowknights

Group 2 = 3 Clerics, 3 Warriors/Paladins/Shadowknights

Add group would be roughly the same as listed in above strategy.

The goal here is to get 3 High Priests per group. Position them in such a way so that their AEs / Heals aren't in range of each other. Then have the 3 clerics stand in the center of the triangular formation, and spam their Word of Recuperation spell. It has a 100' AE range and no long recast so it can be mindlessly spammed until mana becomes an issue (which shouldn't occur if you DPS the HPs quick enough).

Time and Tides (Raid) By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:37:09 PM

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