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Veil of Alaris Raids Overview

There are 14 Raids in Veil of Alaris. With Veil of Alaris, Flagging will be done by a Book. After your first win a raid you will receive a Record of Tales, beating raids and clicking this after wins will Level this up and flag you for higher tier events.
To flag for Tier 2 you will need a Record of Stories
To flag for Tier 3 you will need a Record of Lore
To flag for Tier 4 you will need a Record of Fables
To flag for Sepulcher you will need a Record of Legends

We also have a Raid Gear Page for all VoA Raid gear so you can plan your upgrades!
Tier 2-4 Raids also drop certain currency, you can also find the Raid Vendor page with who and where they are!

Tier 1 Raids:
Illdaera's Vengeance (Raid)

Tier 2 Raids:
The Herald of Oratory (Raid)
The Defeat of Prexus (Raid)

Tier 3 Raids:
The King of the Beasts (Raid)
Two Sides of the Stone (Raid)
Time and Tides (Raid)

Tier 4 Raids:
The Order of Three (Raid)
Unearthing Alra
The Cacophony of Power (Raid)
Two Faces, One Vision
Raising the Dead
Fumerak the Quintessence
Cacophony of Oratory
The Triune God (Raid)

Veil of Alaris Raid Overview By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 04:02:12 PM

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