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Sepulcher of Order

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3 - Phase 4

Two Faces, One Vision

Quest Giver: Sentry Stone of Illdaera

Requirement to Request: 88 Skill Level in Alaran, The Triune God (Group), The Order of Three (Raid), Unearthing Alra, The Cacophony of Power (Raid) and Record of Legends
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Legends to be Flagged
Request Phrase: deal with
Zone In Phrase: prepared
Triggering Event: Aggro The Will of Ladrys
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of the Sepulcher of Order

Chest Loot


Phase 1

4 mobs are active when you zone in. 1 Boss and 3 mini trash. Kill the 3 mini trash then focus on the boss. Drop the boss to 90% while following emotes to get to the next phase. Once the boss despawns at 90% all must go through the portal that popped up in the room.

The Will of Ladrys - Boss in Light Form

--Flash of Purity - 500k PBAE DD, 50 Range.

--Ray of Light - Back Arc 91k DD + Blind, 2 tics.

Spectre of Lost Souls

Sentinel of Bone

Archon of Pestilence

The boss will emote (it will show on your screen without any GTT/Audio Triggers), then 10 seconds later it will DT anyone within 50' and will spawn 1 a lost soul per person near him. He will also permaroot and stop summoning so tanks can back up.:

The Will of Ladrys gathers ambient magic from the air around it.

Run Away!

Also the boss will emote on a single player every 28 seconds (note the GAME has a typo, it is indeed Ladry... not Ladrys like the mob). If you don't get far away you get DTed:

The Will of Ladry turns towards YOURNAME, its eyes ablaze with fury!

Run Away!

Phase 2

The raid will now teleport into the decay room and the boss will have changed forms but kept his debuffs. Dropping him to 80% gets you to the next phase. Once he despawns we will split the raid in half.

Sholoth the Decrepit - Boss in Decay Form

--Creeping Corrosion - 8 Target Viral 13.5k DoT + 60 Corruption Counters + 1 slot Dispel, 5 tics. Recast every 36s

--Vortex of Decay - PBAE Slow Pull, 200 PBAE Range. Recast every 62s

---Corrosive Filth - 26k DD + 2 slot Dispel. Aftercast of the above spell.

Phase 3

The raid will split in half. Half the raid will stay in the decay room once the previous phase is complete and the boss at 80% despawns, the other half of the raid will go through the portal to the light room.

Also while in each room players will get a roomwide AOE in their short duration buff window (song window).

Players in Decay will get Mark of Decay I-IV.

Players in Light will get Mark of Light I-IV.

When you start off in a room you get the 1st tier of the debuff (Mark of Light I for example). You keep that debuff for 15seconds before it is overwritten by Mark of Light II. Etc. If you stay in your room for 15 seconds with the Mark of XXX IV you will get death touched. Audio triggers to have to tell you when you get Mark 4:

Your body is bathed in blinding light

Death and decay pulses all around your body

Go through portal to switch rooms

The goal of this phase is to keep the 2 minis balanced (listed below) because of that no one should DPS the minis. The way to balance them is by killing the 4 non-aggro NPCs that spawn in the rooms (totems and cocoons). Each one killed will drop the respective minis HP by 5%. If the Light room lets any totem grow to its maximum size then explode, the boss will get healed for about 7% throwing them out of balance.

All this must be done while continuing to switch rooms and not get killed by the Mark of XXX IV + DT combo.

The decay room will have:

The Mask of Sholoffs Blight

--Spontaneous Combustion - Single 10-19k DD (depending on End/Mana levels). Recast every 25s.

4 x A putrid spore - These will spawn every so often.

A bone servant - These only spawn if you let the minis get out of balance

The Light room will have:

The Visage of Ladrys Light

4 x A monolith of purity - These will spawn every so often.

A wilting servant - These only spawn if you let the minis get out of balance

Once both minis are balanced to 20% the final phase will spawn.

Phase 4

The boss will respawn at 20% and must be killed. Everyone should run through the portal in the decay room to get back to the light room.

The Will of Ladrys

--Nullification of All - PBAE 12 Slot Dispel, 500 Range. Recast every 5s.

Throughout this phase large totems will spawn around the light room. Standing by these yields large amounts of damage to you. So move yourself and the boss/raid away from these totems. Keep him in the center circle.

When he gets to around 10% he will begin AOE dispelling every 5 seconds, so don't try to rebuff til he is dead.

Two dervish models walk around the outside of the room and do stuff?

Two Faces, One Vision By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:39:48 PM

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