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Sepulcher of Order

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3 - Phase 4 - Map Points

The Triune God (Raid)

Quest Giver: Sentry Stone of Illdaera

Requirement to Request: 88 Skill Level in Alaran, The Triune God (Group), The Order of Three (Raid), Unearthing Alra, The Cacophony of Power (Raid), Two Faces, One Vision, Raising the Dead, Fumerak the Quintessence and Record of Legends
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Legends to be Flagged
Request Phrase: stopped
Zone In Phrase: wish
Triggering Event: say 'ready' to Avatar of Morell Thule
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of the Sepulcher of Order

Chest Loot


Phase 1

When we zone in the following will be up:

8 x Relics of AlaranGods (Yellow Dots) - Stationary NPCs that must be kept below 30% HP otherwise they spawn adds.

The Triunity (Red Dot) - Has lots of Spells he casts which change based on which Shard of XXX is up. He is also perma-rooted.

--Traitorous Retort - 400k DD cast on Avatars if they attack Triunity.

Cast if you don't do duck at Triunity emote. -- Champion of the Triune God - 3min Charm + 2.5million hp buff + 12k Melee Proc.

Cast if you don't do duck at a Relic emote. --Forgetful Silence - 20k DoT + Silence/Amnesia, 3 ticks.

Cast after a vulnerable phase ends --Retaliation of the Alsa Ril - 40k PBAE DD + Knockback, 150 Range.

--Touch of the Triune God - Viral 10k DoT + 25 Corruption Counters, 4 ticks. If uncured:

---Touch of the Triune God - 60k DD

--Countdown - 2k DoT + 40 Corruption Counters, 6 ticks, if not cured it DTs.

---Countdown (DT) - 1million DD

--Feral Reversion - Dog Illusion + More Fizzles

--Waterlogged - 35 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 20k damage onto Tidal Wave - 14k DoT + Slow Push, 3 ticks). Recast every 20s

Effects gained by the Triunity when the Shards are alive:

Shard of Illdaera:

While up Emotes on Relic DPSers and casts

--Fighting Will - Single 10k DoT + 500 End Drain + 300k Rune + 35 Curse Counters. Recast every 25s (starting 25s from Shard of Illdaeras spawn) If uncured:

---Fighting Will (2) - 80k DD on people DPSing crystals

--Loss of Steel - AOE -500ATK + 20 Curse Counters + Procs a nuke on spell casts:

---Loss of Steel (Proc) - 14k DD on Spell Casts

The Triunity punishes those doing the most damage to the relics. - Every 25s and casts Fighting Will about 9-12 times.

Shard of Kolos:

While up Emotes and summons Selyrah to chase down and explode on 5 people.

--Selyrah Bite - 67k DD, cast when Selyrah reach their target.

The Triunity uses the power of Beasts to unleash a herd of selyrahs. - Every 15-25s

5 x a salivating selyrah smells RAIDMEMBER's scent.

Shard of Oseka

--Tidal Wave - 14k DoT + Slow Push, 3 ticks. Recast every 20s (starting 5s from Shard of Oseka's spawn)

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'You will drown under the tides of our worshippers!'

Shard of Alra:

--Casting Pain - Every Spell cast while under this debuff is a 20k PBAE DD + 30 Curse Counters. Recast every 30s

---Casting Pain (Proc) - 20k PBAE DD, 35 Range

Shard of Ryken:

--Buffeting Gusts - Single 20k DD + a -1000% Aggro mod, 2 ticks. If uncured:

---Buffeting Gusts (2) - Single 30k DD + a -1500% Aggro mod, 1 ticks. If uncured:

----Buffeting Gusts (3) - Single 70k DD + a -2000% Aggro mod, 1 ticks.

Shard of Lunanyn:

--Vine Crawl - 300% Snare + 50% Melee Slow + 20 Poison Counters + Every spell cast under this debuff casts a 20k DD

---Vine Crawl (Proc) - 20k Single DD

--Vine Encasement - Single 20k DoT + 9s Stun + 45 Poison Counters, 4 ticks

Shard of Sholoth

While up he summons orbs and these path around the random relics which proc the Filth Cloud if they run into you and casts

--Filth Cloud - 23k AoE DoT + 25 Disease Counters, 4 ticks, if cured FDs you

---Filth Cloud (FD) - FD

--Resurrection Aversion- 40 Disease Counters + Procs a nuke on rez casts:

---Resurrection Aversion (Proc) - 43k PBAE DD, 40 Range

Shard of Ladrys:

While up it summons orbs and these path to random relics, and if you get near them they cast Blinding Lights on you.

--Blinding Lights - 40k DD + Blind + Knockback.

The orbs from Ladrys and Sholoth spawn every 25 seconds. They will then path between random relics.

The Sholoth orbs can just be healed through. Never cure tanks when they have these, FD will wipe their aggro.

Relics will all start at 20% HP and regen at a steady rate of 2%ish every other tick.

At 30% HP the Relics pop 2 Defender adds. (incremental not both immediately)

At 60% HP the Relics pop an Avatar.

At 80% HP the Relics spawn a Shard. (which gives Triunity additional powers)

At the beginning the Triunity will select 1 Relic and raise its HP to 100% leaving the other 7 at 20%. 6 of those relics should be kept at 20% (or more realistically aim for none of them raising above 30% so you don't get extra adds). The opposing relic to the one already at 100% should be allowed to regenerate to 60% (Spawning 2 defenders + 1 Avatar in the process). Once the Avatar is spawned from that relic, resume DPS on it. Do not allow it to reach 80% otherwise a 2nd shard will spawn granting Triunity further powers.

Ryken - Illdaera

Ladrys - Sholoth

Kolos - Alra

Oseka - Lunanyn

The defender adds must be damaged to 60%, then charmed. Pet attack the two defenders on their respective avatars. Beat the avatars to 50% and then whoever the avatar is attacking (the tank), becomes the owner of the avatar (who is now a pet).

The avatar should then be sicced on a Shard of (Opposing God). The entire raid should kill that Shard. Once the Shard is killed, the Triunity is vulnerable to attacks for 60 seconds. At a maximum of 10% HP per vulnerable phase (-40% total here)

After 60 seconds Triunity will cast Retaliation of the Alsa Ril on anyone near him and then shortly after he will kill all defenders / Avatars that are up.

So whenever you have an Avatar charmed and are DPSing a Shard. You can merely CC with mez/root and extra Avatars / Defenders you may happen to have up because after the vulnerability phase, Triunity just kills them.

We rinse and repeat this for four of the Relics/Avatars/Shards. CCing and adds up when the Shard is being killed.

Phase 1 Adds:

The Avatar/Defenders are paired up like this:

2 x a defender of YYY - These spawn starting at 30% on the respective relics HP. All cast a 15k AOE DD. Beat them to 50% then charm them.

--Strike of Battle - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Beasts - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Decay - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Fertility - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Magic - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Oratory - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Splendor - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

--Strike of Tides - 15k AE DD, 30 AE Range

1 x Avatar of XXX

--Detriment of Battle - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Battle )

--Detriment of Beasts - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Beasts )

--Detriment of Decay - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Decay )

--Detriment of Fertility - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Fertility )

--Detriment of Magic - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Magic )

--Detriment of Oratory - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Oratory )

--Detriment of Splendor - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Splendor )

--Detriment of Tides - 6k DoT + 25 Curse Counters + Empathy (adds 10k damage onto Strike of Tides )


Ryken - Oratory

Oseka - Tides

Alra - Magic

Kolos - Beasts

Lunanyn - Fertility

Illdaera - War

Ladrys - Splendor

Sholoth - Decay


The Relic of Ladrys is a pain in the ass to deal with for Phase 2. So during the end of the 8th cycle in Phase 1, where you are DPSing the last Shard and then doing a 30s burn on Triunity. You can have your Necromancers load Ladrys up with DoTs.

When it transfers to Phase 2 they keep all the DoTs then the Necromancers can pop their burns (CoA Robe/3rd Spire/EC/Glyph etc.). This can get the Relic down to around 50-60% depending on how many Necros you have.

If you struggle with the Relic of Ladrys during Phase 1 this will help immensely for Phase 2.

Phase 1 Emotes:

Lower yourself, YOURNAME!

Run to the Triunity and DUCK!

Lower yourself before The Relic of RANDOMRELIC, YOURNAME! -- Need GTT for this one, use {s} wildcard for the RANDOMRELIC part. However... it is unfeasible to complete this one many times due to how spread apart the room is.

Duck at specified Relic

Phase 2

The Triunity is up when the 2nd phase begins. Surrounding him are the 8 Relics. (he ports all 8 to the center). When he activates a specific one, he gains the same abilities he gained in Phase 1 when Shards were alive.

Cast 5seconds after you get the Erased Emote -- Erasure - AE 80k DD, 45 AE Range.

Cast 5seconds after you get the Mana Drain Emote -- Mind Strip - AE 18k DoT + 8k Mana Drain + 25 Corruption Counters, 3 tics, 50 AE Range. If uncured:

---Mind Strip (Fear) - 2 tick Fear

The Relics will all be invulnerable until an emote says that the Relic is vulnerable. While vulnerable the Triunity gains the abilities that the Relic gives him. The emote:

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'Do you think you can stand against us? Test your strength against The Relic of {s}, or we shall decimate every one of you!

The Triunity synchronizes with The Relic of {s}, rendering it vulnerable to attack.

When these are vulnerable the Triunity will gain the Relics powers again. Everyone MUST be on aggro on the Relics as they go vulnerable. Sholoth and Ladrys should be range DPSed due to the powers that Triunity gains (orbs will summon again). Just keep DPSing them as they go vulnerable.

Whenever a Relic is killed, 6 x An exploded shards spawn on random people. After 10 seconds they explode and cast:

--Yawn of the Grave - 200k PBAE DD, 45 Range.

So the entire raid will move to a spot clear of people after each relic is killed, wait for them to explode then run back.

Each Relic killed lowers Triunity's HP by 3%. For a total of -24% during Phase 2.

If you do maximum DPS, you can get Triunity to 59% in Phase 1, and 35% in Phase 2. Saving yourself lots of time in Phase 3, and increasing your likelihood of success.

If at ANY TIME during this phase someone is not on aggro of the Relics specified in the 1st emote, he will death touch random players and emote this:

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'RANDOMRAIDER has been punished for your collective cowardice!'

Casts -- Touch of the Grave - Single 200k DD

Phase 2 Emotes:

YOURNAME shall be erased from our memory

Run away from the raid!

We shall remove YOURNAME's mind

Run from raid and CURE MANA DRAIN

Lower yourself before The Relic of RANDOMRELIC, YOURNAME! -- Need GTT for this one, use {s} wildcard for the RANDOMRELIC part.

Duck at specified Relic

Phase 3


The Triunity is now up with new spells:

Cast if you don't do the hide from Triunity emote --Aerial Crucifixion - 10 min stun, 60 Range, Line of Sight

Cast if you don't do the swap tanks emote --Ascendant Traitor - 3min Charm + 2min Stun + 2million HP buff

Cast if you have more than 12 aggroed on the a single God -- Rejecting Your God - 2min AE Charm + 2million HP buff, 45 AE Range

--Triune Spear - Single 55-65k DD + 30% chance for a 1 tick silence.

We set up a Tank group of 4 warriors and 2 clerics/druids to handle the Triunity. Summon tanking him is easiest, but be ready to swap warriors to prevent the single charm. He will emote the following, then 10 seconds later emote the success/failure:

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'We grow tired of your worthless efforts, MAINTANK. Someone more worthy should face us!'

If Success -- The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'A fresh challenger! We shall see if you are more worthy than MAINTANK was.'

If Failure -- The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'We are through with you, MAINTANK. Perhaps you are a more worthy opponent for your companions!'

Then the Main Tank is hit with Ascendant Traitor a long charm

Also alive on the base floor are:

3 x A thelasa of the Triunity --Divine Sustenance - 500k Heal on the Triunity. Recast every 15s. -- Note, this doesn't seem to affect him during invulernable portions. If he is locked at 20% HP for example, these heals don't do anything... so they really only seem to work during the 30s vulnerable phases.

There is an emote given to random players in the raid.

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'Do you know what it is to lead, RAIDMEMBER? You shall discover!'

That person 5 seconds later gets a buff -- Choose Your Follower.

Whoever gets this emote must HUG a A thelasa of the Triunity. This will charm that priest with Reluctant Worshipper. When charmed sic the pet on a god on the upstairs and it should kill the priest (thelasa).

If you don't get to a Thelasa quick enough you will charm another player for the Triunity to control.

Phase 3 (Gods):

On the 2nd floor are the gods and only 12 people MAXIMUM should be on aggro of each God, otherwise it will AOE charm. The gods DO have different hate lists, so you can have 12 people on God A and 12 people on God B. But you should NEVER have 1 person who is aggro on both God A and God B (healers in offtank groups are fine). If that ever happens that person needs to fade because that usually spells trouble.

The Gods are all inactive when each phase begins. They can be casted on however, so you can pre-land DoTs/Slows/Debuffs on these Gods without getting on their aggro (obviously DoTs will carry over onto aggro once they activate).

Healers should ONLY heal their group members and the tank ON THE TRIUNITY. Never heal a player that isn't in your group that is tanking one of the Norrathian Gods. This is how most failures of the 12 aggro limit occur.

If more than 12 people aggro a God Triunity will emote and AOE charm around this player immediately (they cannot react and move away):

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'Too many of you attack NORRATHIAN GOD. RAIDMEMBER shall lead a fight against all of you!'

The gods activate one by one. You will get a warning emote:

NORRATHIAN GOD begins to feel the thoughts of the Triunity seep into his consciousness.

30 seconds later you will get a second emote and now the God is active. Summoning from 100% also.

NORRATHIAN GOD's mind has been conquered by the Triunity.

This sequence of emoting will continue every 50s with the warning emote. The Gods activate in a completely random sequence.

We set up 4 groups to handle gods.

2 Groups of Knights/Clerics

2 DPS Groups of ... Necros+Paladin+Druid+Bard / Shaman+Bard+Rangers

When the above triggers go off the groups need to know what to do. If it is a God that needs DPSed, the 2 DPS groups set up at the God, and may begin DoTing it (it won't take damage until active but DoTs will land). Once its active DPS to 75%. Necros should FD before it activates though to not get insta summoned when it does due to DoT aggro.

If it is a God that needs offtanked, 1 Knight should set up at that God and be ready to tank it. NO DPS should get on aggro of that God.

Each time a God activates you must beat it to 75%. When it hits 75% it and all other Gods go inactive and Triunity is vulnerable to a burn for 30s. This is ONLY true if you kill Gods in a sequence. (IE you cannot kill Rallos -> Rallos)


Rallos activates 1st and is DPSed to 75%, and you get a Triunity burn phase.

Vallon activates 1st next set and is DPSed to 75%, and you get a Triunity burn phase.

Tallon activates 1st next set and is DPSed to 75%, and you get a Triunity burn phase.

Vallon activates 1st next set and must be offtanked, Tallon activates 2nd next set and must be offtanked, Morell activates 3rd next set and is DPSed to 75%, and you get a Triunity burn phase.

Prexus activates 1st next set and you get a Triunity burn phase.

Vallon, Tallon, Rallos, Prexus, Morell activate in that order and must all be offtanked and then when the final god (Solusek Ro) activates, he is DPSed to 75%, and you get a Triunity burn phase.

Now comes the fun part.... Remember the order which you killed. Above it was... Rallos -> Vallon -> Tallon -> Morell -> Prexus -> Sol Ro.

Tallon activates 1st next set (7th set) and must be offtanked, Morell activates 2nd next set and must be offtanked, Rallos activates 3rd next set and is DPSed to 75%, and you get a Triunity burn phase.

You CAN DPS the Gods out of order, but it only makes the specific God go inactive and will not trigger a burn phase on Triunity. So you're best served to offtank the 0-5 Gods that need to be, and DPSing the one God that follows your sequence.

Avatar of Prexus

--Glacial Waters - Single 14k DoT + 400% Snare + 80% Melee Slow, 4 tics

Emote--Ocean Swell - PBAE 15k DoT + Push, 50 PBAE Range.

Morell Thule

--Long Slumber - AOE Mez, 3 tics, 35 AE Range.

---Long Slumber (FD) - FDs you also when cast

Emote--Sleeping Sickness - Viral 25k DoT + 8s Stun + Blind, 2 tics

Rallos Zek

--Axe of the Warlord - Frontal 60k DD + Knockback

Emote--Earthshaking Stomp - 35k PBAE DD + 7s Stun, 75 PBAE Range.

Solusek Ro

--Demonic Flames - Single 13k DoT, 3 tics

Emote--Beam of Char - Frontal 16k DoT + 9k Empathy on Fire spells. Cast on marked target (on the ground or something)

Tallon Zek

--Sharpshot of the Gods - Single 20k DoT + Blind + Spinstun, 2 tics

Emote--Cloud of Arrows - 38k DD on marked target (something on the ground will appear)

Vallon Zek

--Gut Stab - Single 70k DD

Emote--Haywire Nerve - Single 3 tic Fear

---Haywire Nerve Aura - Aura that pulses a 19k DD on the Feared.

Phase 3 Emotes:

points toward YOURNAME

Get away from Triunity

Do you know what it is to lead, YOURNAME? You shall discover!

Hug 'a Thelasa of the Triunity' + /pet attack on a God

The Top 2 Groups need these emotes----

Avatar of Prexus draws the ocean waters around himself.

Back Away from the god

Rallos Zek raises his foot.

Back Away from the god

Solusek Ro begins to radiate heat

Get behind Solusek

Tallon Zek nocks several arrows against his bow and marks his target

Find and Avoid the mark

Vallon Zek points his sword at YOURNAME

Run away from Vallon

Morell Thule begins to gather mist around YOURNAME

Get away from others

Phase 4

Once The Triunity is at or below 10% and you have DPSed a sequence of 6 different Gods to 75% (giving you 6 burn phases) in Phase 3. The fight enters its final phase.

He will begin hitting for 90k+ at this point in time and must be burned out. He will keep his emotes from Phase 3.

Additionally he will resume casting the mana drain from P2, and will begin doing two new emotes. One hug and one run away (honestly this phase should only be 30-60s for any guild so these are not very important....):

The Triunity's voice rasps, 'Come close to us, RAIDMEMBER, or you will die where you stand!'

if failed... (it casts Touch of the Triune God... unsure which form)

The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'RAIDMEMBER will die for their disobedience!'

The run away emote:

The Triunity roars with rage, 'Retreat from your position, or we will execute every one of you:'

6 x The Triunity shouts, in Alaran, 'RAIDMEMBER'

Phase 4 Emotes:

in Alaran, 'YOURNAME'

Run Away from where you stand!

Come close to us, RAIDMEMBER

Hug Triunity!

Map Points

P -0.2816, -772.3137, 58.3865, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Illdaera

P -0.2001, -910.4962, 58.3869, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Ryken

P -191.3723, -817.4987, 58.4300, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Sholoth

P -204.9380, -977.1746, 58.8690, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Lunanyn

P -65.9162, -894.6248, 58.2109, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Oseka

P 192.6792, -816.2750, 58.2481, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Ladrys

P 204.7546, -977.4483, 58.2346, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Kolos

P 66.1878, -894.6585, 58.2133, 240, 127, 0, 2, Relic_of_Alra

Paste this into your sepulcher_1 file and save.

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