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Erillion, City of Bronze

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Adds

The Order of Three (Raid)

Quest Giver: General Tyronith (in Argath, Bastion of Illdaera)

Requirement to Request: 81 Skill Level in Alaran, Stop the Dreams, Dreams of Chaos, A Spy Among Us, Restoring Order, Political Favors, The Traitor Revealed, The Order of Three (Group), The King of the Beasts (Raid), Two Sides of the Stone (Raid), Time and Tides (Raid) and Record of Fables
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Fables to be Flagged
Request Phrase: great task
Zone In Phrase: ready
Triggering Event: say 'towers' to General Tyronith for phase 1 and 'death' to Grand Archon Soliran for phase 2
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of Erillion, City of Bronze
  • Alaran Legend (Raid)

Chest Loot


Phase 1

The raid should zone in and activate the event then start going around the outer part of the city. Turn right when entering the city and go counter clockwise. Clearing random trash as we go. Each corner has a mini-boss which has 1 special ability and 1 debuff.

The debuff (2nd spell listed for each mini) increases the base damage of many AE/spells in the raid. They cannot be cured without Paladin Purify, they last 20minutes and block OoC regen from occuring. So your best bet is to either tough it out and heal over the extra damage or wait and med up to full before Phase 2 by waiting around 20minutes.

The corner room auras (3rd spell listed for each mini) pulse every 70s or so. They are cast by the Tower of (Word in brackets depending on corner) -- Which is merely a hidden NPC which pulses the aura -- on about 35 players each time. They all have -800 Magic/Fire Resist checks, meaning with max resists you can resist them fairly often.

All minis spawn several adds at incremental HP values (75-50-25ish).

Winly, Templar of Tides (Tides) - South East

--Swirling Undertow - PBAE 9k DoT + 50 Melee/Spell Slow/Double Attack Reduction + 12 Curse Counters, 50 Range

--Coat of Roiling Water - Event Debuff. Increase DMG by 1-50% on several event AEs

--Water Hammer - Corner Room Aura. 3s Stun + Knockback + 29k DD

Vocalist Oolamar (Skies) - South West

--Resounding Denial - Single 1 tic 15k DoT + Silence + 12 Curse Counters

--Song for the Sea - Event Debuff. Increase DMG by 1-50% on several event AEs

--Lightning Shock - Corner Room Aura. 5k DD + 15k DoT, 4 tics

Beastmaster Graw (Strength) - North West

--Kolos' Ravaging Teeth - PBAE 42k DD + 2s Stun + Fade, 150 Range.

--Coat of Oilflowers - Event Debuff. Increase DMG by 1-50% on several event AEs

--Weight of Steel - Corner Room Aura. 31k DD + 5k DoT + Snare, 2 tics

Illuminator Trellivino (Light) - North East

--Unrelenting Light - Single 20% Spell Haste + -100% Chance to Dodge/Avoid Melee + 26k DoT + 6k Mana Drain per tic.

--Life Enhancing Light - Event Debuff. Increase DMG by 1-50% on several event AEs

--Lightbeam - Corner Room Aura. 24k DD + 10k DoT, 4 tics

Phase 2

3 bosses will be active. Along with several mobs on the roof which don't aggro until people get ported up to the roof.
Purple - Where the raid sets up
Black - Grand Archon (1st mob)
Blue - Chief Official (2nd mob)
Red - Arch Carnifex (3rd mob)

The kill order we use is: Grand Archon -> Chief Official -> Arch Carnifex. (High Priest should die around the time we are done with Grand Archon)

(Ensorcelled) Arch Carnifex Wilo - North

-Cast in Normal Phase:


-Cast in Ensorcelled Phase:

--Bonds of Guilt - 20k DoT + 5k Mana Drain + 2s Stun, 4 tics, PBAE 200 Range.

--Infinite Pain - 100k DD + 3s Stun + Blind, 1 tic, Single target to all on hatelist.

A mob walks around with and aura called Dream Guard, This will block the Infinite Pain AE the Carnifex casts. If you stand in his aura you should be safe but he moves so you have to continually be moving to stay safe from the AE. I believe the Mana Drain/Snare still hits under the aura though.

(Possessed) Grand Archon Soliran - West

-Cast in Normal Phase:

--Enforcement - 65k PBAE DD + Knockback, 50 Range

-Cast in Possessed Phase:

--Infinite Enforcement - 90k PBAE DD + Melee Silence + Knockback, 1 tic, 100 Range

(Governed) Chief Official Pyntara - South

-Cast in Normal Phase:

--Clerical Error - Viral 100% Spell Slow, only effects Priests.

--Procedural Failure - Viral Debuff that procs a 6k Mana Drain whenever a spell is cast, and a Melee Proc mod that procs a 6k DD on melee.

---Mindshock - 6k Mana Drain

---Bodyshock - 6k DD

-Cast in Governed Phase:

--Consummate Clerical Error - Viral 100% Spell Slow, only effects Priests.

--Peerless Procedural Failure - Viral Debuff that procs a 6k Mana Drain whenever a spell is cast, and a Melee Proc mod that procs a 6k DD on melee.

---Mindshock - 5k Mana Drain

---Bodyshock - 5k DD

--Officious Rebuff - Self 400 DS

On the roof will be:

1 x Dominated High Priest Jerinos

--Rain of Scalpels - 20k DoT, 5 tics, AE Range 75.

10 x a sharpshooter

They will all start without their prefix, then one boss will get the prefix (example: Arch Carnifex Wilo will change to Ensorcelled Arch Carnifex Wilo).

This change means a few things:

A. They begin using new AOEs (listed above)

B. They reset their aggro

C. They are damageable, all others are in an HP lock

D. Whoever was aggroed on the previous powered up version, which then changes, will get their group ported to the top of the building to fight the High Priest. (IE If I'm kiting around Ensorcelled Arch Carnifex Wilo, and then he changes to Arch Carnifex Wilo and the Grand Archon Solitran changes to Possessed Grand Archon Soliran, my group would get ported to the root).

All 3 minis on the main floor must be kept on aggro, leaving one unaggroed for 30-60s will reset the event. You've got two options to handle them. Either tank/offtank the 3, or tank 1 and kite 2. Obviously kiting is easier but takes longer. If you kite I'd suggest kiting the North/South minis and focusing down the west 1st.

Whenever a group is ported to the roof with the High Priest and Sharpshooters, kill all sharpshooters, then get on the High Priest until it dies. Once it and all sharpshooters are dead groups stop getting ported to the roof.

The rest of the raid should be on the west. Whenever the Grand Archon turns into Possessed Grand Archon Soliran, all DPS should burn him, stopping whenever he changes back to just Grand Archon Soliran.

When Grand Archon is dead, the raid will move to the south for Chief Official and repeat the same idea. Around now all mobs on the roof should be dead. Then when he dies the raid can move to the north to finish off the Arch Carnifex. Likely you will need to med up... so get the majority of the raid out of the mana drain range, then go after Carnifex.

Most AEs can be cured with Radiant Cure / Purify / Splash. So Priests/Paladins do your best to cure the effects. Namely:

The Spell Slow/Mana Drain at South.

The Melee Silence at West.

The DoT/Snare/Mana Drain at North.


Also throughout the encounter trash mobs will spawn in the 4 corners of the city (where the Phase 1 minis were). Each corner can spawn 2 add types and they spawn with 1 add every about 2minutes. They will path from their spawn to the center building (IE the raid).

We currently set up 3 people each for 3 corners. 1 Tank, 1 Slower, 1 DPS, 1 Healer. Often combining (Slower/DPS = Beastlord, Slower/Healer = Shaman, etc.). Some corners can be handled by just 1 Knight + 1 Beastlord if both are good, but to be safe use 3 people.

Northeast = A bestial raptor or A monstrous mound -- Load Poison Cure here or you get more DDs

Northwest = A dread light or ??? -- Load Curse Cure here

Southeast = A jagged dervish or An infused selyrah

Southwest = A wastewater scavenger or ??? -- Load Disease Cure

A bestial raptor

--Thrash - Single 30k DD + Knockback

--Tail Thrash - Back Arc 30k AE DD + Knockback

--Mud Flood - PBAE 6k DoT + 40% Melee Slow + 50% Snare, 4 tics, 50 Range.

A blazing braxi

--Flaming Spittle - 15k AE DoT, 4 tics, 30 AE Range.

A dread light

--Clinging Fire - Single 9k DoT + 12 Curse Counters

---Birth of Fire - Spawns Dervish adds if the above isn't cured.

A jagged dervish

--Lightning Pulse - 30k PBAE DD, 50 Range.

A monstrous mound

--Deadly Sprouts - Single 10k DoT + 12 Poison Counters

---Sprouting Death - 40k DoT + Root, 5 tics, Cast if the above isn't cured.

A tidal serpent

--Liquification - Single 22k DoT + 1k STR Debuff + 100% Snare + 12 Poison Counters

A wastewater scavenger

--Slippery Slime - PBAE Slow Push, 3 tics, 20 Range.

--Parasitic Infestation - Single 8k DoT + 12 Disease Counter

---Parasitic Explosion - 50k DD + Spawns multiple A wastewater guppy if the above isn't cured

An infused selyrah

--Tail Sweep - Back Arc 30k DD + 4s Stun + Knockback

The Order of Three (Raid) By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:38:29 PM

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