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Windsong Sanctuary

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Beginning - Engage - Muse Phase - Dreamer Phase - All Boss Phases

The Cacophony of Power (Raid)

Quest Giver: General Terasal

Requirement to Request: 81 Skill Level in Alaran, Stranger in a Strange Land, Getting Down to Business, Making Music, The Sound of Silence, The Cacophony of Power (Group), The King of the Beasts (Raid), Two Sides of the Stone (Raid), Time and Tides (Raid), Unearthing Alra and Record of Fables
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Fables to be Flagged
Request Phrase: willing
Zone In Phrase: prepared
Triggering Event: run into a Sounding Stone
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of Windsong Sanctuary
  • Alaran Hero (Raid)

Chest Loot



We will want to send in 12 people to watch the Sounding Stones and to not run into them. Avoid them and enter the center room and drop a banner. Then have the rest of your guild banner into the center so as to not accidently trigger the event

The event goes like so:

Engage + Bats -> Boss @ 80% -> Muse Phase -> Dreamer Phase ->

Boss @ 55% -> Muse Phase -> Dreamer Phase ->

Boss @ 35% -> Muse Phase -> Dreamer Phase ->

Boss @ 10% -> Muse Phase -> Dreamer Phase -> Boss KILLED!

This event is very laggy so it is possible you may not get a Muse Phase at 80-55-35-10 exactly. It could be 80-60-40-10 or 80-50-25-10 etc. Just be ready once the boss deactivates for muses.


To trigger it send one person out to the outer ring and run into a Sounding Stone. This will get you stunned/nuked and spawn the event.

Echo of Ryken - Alaran boss mob. Once the below adds are inactive you DPS the boss to 80%. He then goes inactive and spawns totems around him. If you touch those totems you get DTed. He casts:

--Commanding Voice - 2 tick Single Charm

--Wretched Rhetoric - 20k DoT + 32 Curse Counters, PBAE 200 Range (every 55s)

--Dreadful Diatribe - 1 tick Single Fear

--Monologue of Melancholy - 6 tic 50% Snare + Slow, PBAE 110 Range (every 60s)

--Bouncing Bombast - 25k DD + Knockback, PBAE 30 Range

--Echoing Eulogy - 6 tic Single 10k DoT + 80% Slow

The last two spells, Bouncing Bombast and Echoing Eulogy I rarely have encountered but they do happen sometimes. The others are quite commonly seen.

Adds also spawn

6 x a fliqua toneglider - These are immune to all forms of CC and AOE stun. They need to be separated out, and assisted down. When they reach 50% they go inactive and drop off aggro list. When they do this, they will slowly path back to the boss (on top of him eventually) and stay there for the rest of the event... (usually). They pulse this spell randomly:

--Overwhelming Screech - 2s Stun

We will tank the boss at the BLACK dot.

We will tank the bats at each of the RED dots.

We start at the western bat (9 o'clock position). Going counter clockwise, and then end at the eastern bat. When all 6 go inactive they will go to the black dot.

Once all have stacked up on the black dot, the tank will swap to the western cubby (use a paladin with Divine Call to move him). At this point he is now DPSed to 80%. Then Phase 2 begins. BEFORE we get the boss to 80%, the entire raid needs to be in the western cubby where the boss is.

One SK will stand out in the center of the room to AOE aggro the muses and deflection. Read more below.

-- It is possible for the bats to randomly reactivate during this phase and perhaps later phases... this raid is kind of buggy and VERY laggy --

Muse Phase

The boss is inactive, and 25 adds spawn. You have 5 minutes to kill them all or they will despawn anyways and the event will continue.

25 X a muse - These are immune to all forms of CC, are light blue and headshottable. Ideally an SK will Deflection and AOE Aggro and we AOE em down. Or you can grab them and kite them.

--Sonic Barrier - 600 self DS

A new Shadowknight each time we do Phase 2 (4 times) will AOE Aggro + Deflection these. They can disc and stay alive after deflection drops as the raid peels through them, or can kite them around if we need time to meditate.

Clerics need to cast viral DS on these muses to remove the DS.

When all die or the 5 minutes expire they despawn and the next phase begins. At which point all casters need to be in the outer ring and all melee need to be in the inside room.

Dreamer Phase

Echo of Ryken - He reactivates during this phase with all the same abilities. He must be DPSed down 20-30% so that you jump back to Phase 2. Basically offtank him while the below minis are killed.

4 x Blind Dreamer - There are 2 types of statues that spawn and need to be DPSed down immediately. All DPS peels to them:

--Balance of the Nameless - Self Dispell // Cast if Leashed (see below)

--Dissonance of Depletion - 4 tic 15k Mana Drain (Viral). 12 Targets.

--Stinging Sound - Targeted 30k DD (30 AOE Range)

--Voice of Pain - Frontal Cone 25k DD

6 x Sounding Stone - These are totems that go around the inner room and don't aggro/can't be killed. Once all 4 Dreamers are killed these depop and reappear in the outer ring of the building again. They cast:

--Lightning Bolt - Frontal 30k DD -- Cast if you run into them.

--Lightning Shock - Single 20k DD + 3s Stun -- Cast if you run into them?

The second this phase activates:

Everyone in the inner room gets hit with Sound of Silence a 5 tic Silence.

Everyone in the outer ring gets hit with Thoughtless Hum a 3 tic Melee Silence.

As such you will want to have all casters standing in the outer ring so that they may continue to cast and melee in the inner room so that they can continue to disc. If at any time while the 4 Blind Dreamers are still alive, you switch rooms, you get hit with the other effect (even if you still have the first one on). DA doesn't block them either iirc.

There are 2 Blind Dreamers that spawn in the inner room. They are BLACK in color and resistant, MELEE KILL THESE. They must be kept in the center room, if pulled outside they leash and dispell. Their spawn locations are random, so have tanks try to pick them up as best they can.

There are also 2 Blind Dreamers that spawn in the outer ring. They are YELLOW in color and take more damage from spells, CASTERS KILL THESE. Casters will want to go into the very outer ring of the building we are in to kill these. A tank group can also go out there to handle them as well. If these are pulled out of the outer ring or into the center room they leash and dispell.

After all Blind Dreamers are killed we DPS the boss down 20%. Nearing the next hardcap (80/60/30/10%ish) we need EVERYONE IN A CUBBY. Knights stand out and aggro the muses to be ready to kite. Once he does hit that hardcap, back to phase 2.

Sounds disrupt your thoughts and drain your mind

MOVE FROM RAID. Viral Mana Drain!

All Boss Phases

During all phases when the boss is up, there is an aura like ball of lightning. That will move around and pulses AE damage every 5 seconds until you move or it ends. It will spawn outside and path to the boss then explode.

--Lightning Ball - 40k Single DD (but pulsed like an aura so essentially its a PBAE)

Re: The Cacophony of Power (Raid) By: Hekaton On: June 03, 2023, 02:17:02 PM

There is flagging required to enter this event, even with 100 alaran from Shard's #2: Words of the Unspoken. Event will reset if you are mezzed at the 80% stage (when the muses are supposed to spawn). Phase 3 starts when the muses all die, the angels (Dreamers) will ping pong summon and reset the event. You must keep aggro on the boss.

The Cacophony of Power (Raid) By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:39:24 PM

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