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Sepulcher of Order

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Phase 1 - Phase 2

Raising the Dead

Quest Giver: Sentry Stone of Illdaera

Requirement to Request: 88 Skill Level in Alaran, The Triune God (Group), The Order of Three (Raid), Unearthing Alra, The Cacophony of Power (Raid) and Record of Legends
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Legends to be Flagged
Request Phrase: deal with
Zone In Phrase: prepared
Triggering Event: Aggro Priest of Oseka
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of the Sepulcher of Order

Chest Loot


Phase 1

A few mobs are up on engage. The three priests must be killed, the Spirits/Spectres must be healed. Once all are healed to 95% the second phase begins.

Herald of Oseka - Boss but inactive during this phase

3 x Priest of Oseka - Simple trash mobs to kill.

NPCs to Heal: These all start at 20% and must be healed to 95%.

Spirit of Kolos - East

Spirit of Illdaera - West

Spectre of Lunanyn - North

Throughout the event multiple mobs will be spawning.

5 x a life leech - Sets of 5 of these will spawn at each of the 3 NPCs that need to be healed. When they are up around the NPCs, the NPCs no longer can get healed so they must be killed. They don't fight back.

--Leech Life - 23.9k DD on NPCs we're healing.

Among other types of adds that the MA must peel through, these spawn in sets of about 5-7ish:

A Hadal Underlord

A hadal wakerider

A Lightning lord

--Lightning Maelstrom - 26.5k PBAE DD, 100 Range

A plagued ick golem

--Chains of Binding - AE 45% Snare/Slow, 4 tic, 45 Range

--Blast of Ick - Single 12.5k DD + 4k DoT, 3 tics.

A Servant of the Depths

--Wall of Water I-IV - 14.3-20.3k PBAE DD, 100-500 Range (Cast every 3 seconds starting with 1. Each tier is cast 4 times... so kill it quick before it gets to Wall of Water IV)

An electric serpent

--Chains of Binding - AE 45% Snare/Slow, 4 tic, 45 Range

--Electric Charge - 6-9.6k PBAE DD, 25 Range

--Electric Overburst - 22.5-28.9k PBAE DD, 75 Range

Phase 2

The boss goes active during this phase. As such everyone should be up near the boss when the 3rd NPC is getting close to being healed fully. Once he does the boss goes active.

The Herald must be killed within a 2-3 minute window otherwise it bugs into an infinite loop. (Potentially fixed, haven't seen it since 1st shot.... but it will turn into a cocoon -- a white sphere thing -- and the game will say strike now. Adds will spawn and I believe you're supposed to DPS the cocoon and he will pop out at the health he entered with. In the bugged version he would just pop out at 100%. He could also turn into Hadal form and cast other AEs, but again burn him out in 3min and you won't see any of this)

Herald of Oseka

--Tidal Shift - Has a chance to trigger 1 of 3 effects below, Recast every 35s:

--- 30% - High Tide - 14k PBAE DD + Slow Push, 2 tics, 150 Range

--- 30% - Low Tide - PBAE Drunk if Alcohol Tolerance low + Slow Pull, 2 tics, 150 Range

--- 40% - Tidal Surge - 36.5-56.5k PBAE DD + Knockback, 100 Range

Raising the Dead By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:40:20 PM

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