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Sepulcher of Order

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Minis - Trash Clear - Boss Phase - Statues - Curing

Fumerak the Quintessence

Quest Giver: Sentry Stone of Illdaera

Requirement to Request: 88 Skill Level in Alaran, The Triune God (Group), The Order of Three (Raid), Unearthing Alra, The Cacophony of Power (Raid), Two Faces, One Vision, Raising the Dead and Record of Legends
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Legends to be Flagged
Request Phrase: investigate
Zone In Phrase: send
Triggering Event: say 'inevitable' to Auded
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of the Sepulcher of Order

Chest Loot



Auded - Beginning mob. Hits decently hard. Around 20% HP he will start spamming Wild Rampages every 2 seconds.

Danad - Undead mob, spawns when Auded is around 55-50% HP

Basically DPS Auded to 50%, peel and kill Danad when he spawns, back on Auded and kill him. Watch the Wild Rampage on Auded. Once he triggers an emote he will begin Wild Rampaging for about half damage every 2 seconds until he dies:

Auded shouts, 'You fight admirably, seekers... If I am to fall here in the shadow of the great one, I am honored it was to creatures as noble as yourselves.' The ethereal figure throws its arms back and begins swinging with unrestrained abandon.

Trash Clear

4 Crystals have 3 mobs around them each. Set up 1 tank per mob and pull them in sets of 3 and assist through them. All are relatively easy post-nerf We pull Nature -> Light -> Shadow -> Arcane:

3 x A devotee of Anriella - Nature -- (Snareable)

--Mindshatter - Single Debuff, Casts a 4k DD + Spinstun whenever a player who has the debuff, casts a spell. 15 Curse Counters

---Mental Shock - 4k DD+Spinstun Cast whenever a player with the above debuff casts a spell.

3 x A devotee of Erion - Light

--Brilliant Purification - AoE Blind, 25 Curse Counters

3 x A devotee of Fal'Kaa - Shadow -- (Stunnable)

--Allure of Darkness - AoE Slow Pull, 15 Curse Counters

3 x A devotee of Melretia - Arcane -- (Stunnable/Mezzable)

--Extinguishing - AoE 3k Mana/End Drain + 6k HP Drain, 15 Curse Counters

If any of the above are cured, the curer gets hit with Weight of Regret, which basically means that while the curer has that debuff on, they cannot use any more cures until it ends.

I'd suggest using 1 paladin to splash each set of adds to remove it and eat that debuff (all it means is they can't splash for another minute).

Once all 12 are dead you have about 1-2minutes to engage the final mob.

Boss Phase

Fumerak the Quintessence - Boss mob. Only tanks and specified classes should DPS the boss.

Adds from above spawn in sets of 3-4-5 depending on boss HP percentage. They spawn every 5% starting at 93% HP (so 93-88-83-78 etc.). Starting at 13% (13-8-3) the adds will spawn a set of 4, 1 of each add type in each wave. The type that spawns is dependant on the model the boss is in. One should be pulled to camp all others should be kited.

Melretia should be chain stunned when in camp.

Anriella could be snared and kited

You can position Fumerak anywhere you really want in the room... We just put him in the corner near the Nature crystal. It isn't ideal, but it works fine for cornering and we've just gotten used to it. I've heard of guilds doing it at his spawn or in other places around the room just fine. Just fine somewhere you can manage him.

For the entire fight you will likely want your necromancers to be holding DoTs on Fumerak the entire time to counteract the light statue (see below for more info on this). Also it would best serve you to have your raid leader or someone in the raid add all 5 statues onto their extended target window. Then call out the statue which has the highest HP (except Power) and have everyone except for those classes to DPS the boss until their statue is dropped down to 0% and have everyone but Necromancers / MT back off.


Behind the boss mob are 5 statues which grow and shrink depending on whats going on in the raid. Going left (North) to right (South), if you were facing the stage where the boss is:

Focus of Nature - Brownish Statue --- Suffocating Tendrils - Negates Runspeed AA/Buffs. Also casts this buff: -- Grasping Vines - 180% Snare

Focus of Light - White Statue --- Surge of Suppression - Decreases Healing Taken by 85%

Focus of Power - Grey Statue --- Focus of Power - Buffs Boss to hit for 120-40% More + 650k Melee/Spell Mitigation, 6 tics.

Focus of Arcane - Blueish Statue --- Shock of Shattered Minds - Increase Mana Cost by 800% + 3.5k HP/End Drain

Focus of Shadow - Black Statue --- Grasp of Hopelessness - Slow Push + Spell/Melee Slow

When one of the above statues explodes, the raid gets hit with the spell listed after the statue.

Shadow, Arcane and Nature also autocast this extra debuff:

--Slow Depletion - 27k DD + 10-20k DoT (it starts at 10k, and gains 1k per tic)

The statues grow based on the DPS input by certain classes. Power is the average of the 4 statues + some extra. Post-nerf they now show their HP which is relative to their size. When they reach 100% the next tic they will explode, AEing the raid with the debuffs listed above (as well as dropping down to 0% HP). Which basically means that you never want to have MORE than 1 large statue. If you do have 2 or 3 large statues, do your best to explode the largest one so that power decreases in size.

If power blows he will decimate all tanks that stand against him. In this situation you will either want to remove the vie buff it gives him (which is a solid 650k worth of damage) or deflection/fort tank him or pet tank him. Obviously the later is the path of least resistance, but also by far the slowest. What grows each statue (not all 100% verified. Pretty solid on everything but Warriors / heals. Namely group heals would fire off the message for me, spam healing the main tank didn't really yield the message for light growing):

Nature = Druid, Ranger, Beastlord, Shaman

Arcane = Wizard, Magician, Enchanter, Bard

Light = Paladin, Cleric, Monk, ?Warrior?, Heals

Shadow = Necromancer, Rogue, Shadowknight, Berserker

Post-nerf there is a new message displayed to indicate you are powering up one of the statues. Either:

The Focus of XXXXXXX appears to gain power while the Focus of YYYYYYY seems diminished from your spell effects.

The Focus of Light appears to gain power from your healing effects.

The XXXXX will depend on your class listed above. For example, for a Druid. XXXXX will be Nature, and when they cast on Fumerak they will get that message with nature in that place. YYYYY indicates the opposing statue, which should decrease in size/health. They are pretty self explanatory what counteracts what but, regardless:

Nature vs. Arcane

Light vs. Shadow


After each statue blows the entire raid will get hit with AEs listed above, there are two ways to cure them. Paladin Purification (save this for curing the Light debuff off your tanks in the later phases) and the crystal mechanic:

The way the crystals work from 100-70% on the bosses HP it is a 3 click chain.

From 70-30% on the bosses HP it is a 4 click chain.

From 30-0% on the bosses HP it is a 5 click chain.

When a statue explodes the crystals will light up. The people at these crystals must click until they get a success message. Then those who do not follow up.


Shadow, Nature, Light all lit up with particle effects (with no spell effects on they show fine).

So all 3 click and Nature yields the success message.

Then Shadow will click, Shadow isn't right so,

Nature needs to reactive the 1st in the sequence (earlier success message)

Then Light would click

Then Shadow.

Success Messages:

RAIDER1 activates a crystal. The crystals radiate in sequence: - CRYSTAL1 -

RAIDER2 activates a crystal. The crystals radiate in sequence: - CRYSTAL1 - CRYSTAL2 -

RAIDER3 activates a crystal. The crystals radiate in sequence: - CRYSTAL1 - CRYSTAL2 - CRYSTAL3 -

RAIDER4 activates a crystal. The crystals radiate in sequence: - CRYSTAL1 - CRYSTAL2 - CRYSTAL3 - CRYSTAL4 -

The room radiates with energy as the crystals absorb the detrimental magic affecting your party!

The final message indicating that the effect has been cured. The messaging will be different depending on HP on the boss because the number of crystals used in sequence to cure will change. IE from 100-70% you wouldn't have the message of Crystal1, 2 and 3 in sequence, it would just cure on the 3rd crystal etc.

A player can't click a crystal back to back. But they can do every other one. You will want to use 5 players on crystals with 1-2 to back up incase dead and put a cleric in that group to rez any of the 5 players ASAP. But if everyone is dead but 2 players they can run between the crystals and alternate clicking to still succeed a cure.

You can not click a crystal while hidden (namely after fading). So if you are clicking and recently faded, use a spell or a clicky to break that fade hide. Otherwise you will chain FD at the crystal.

Fumerak the Quintessence By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:40:47 PM

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