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Sepulcher of Order

Guide by: Xegony.Daldaen <Machin Shin>

Phase 1 - Emotes - Phase 2 - Phase 3 - Raid Leader Info

Cacophony of Oratory

Quest Giver: Sentry Stone of Illdaera

Requirement to Request: 88 Skill Level in Alaran, The Triune God (Group), The Order of Three (Raid), Unearthing Alra, The Cacophony of Power (Raid), Two Faces, One Vision, Raising the Dead, Fumerak the Quintessence and Record of Legends
Requirement to Participate: None, Record of Legends to be Flagged
Request Phrase: help
Zone In Phrase: wish
Triggering Event: say 'fight' to Avatar of Morell Thule
Task Type: Raid, 6 Minimum, 54 Maximum Players



  • Conqueror of the Sepulcher of Order

Chest Loot


Phase 1

Follow the Avatar in the most retarded pathing you've ever seen. He will eventually lead you to a pit area in the North Eastern most room with a boss. Note, do not stand in the pit early, you get death touched.

Once he activates a warrior should aggro him and take him to the left corner. The more you DPS him the more he casts a PBAE DD. So unless you are ready to outheal massive AE damage, you need to slowly DPS him (depending on guild makeup / gear / healer skill, you can just DPS him as normal, peeling for adds as needed.) It is about 1 AE per 1% dmg done to the boss. So plan your DPS accordingly.

Should you happen to DPS too quickly, a 3rd Command of Ryken (see below for info on these) will spawn at Morell, and if you let him kill Morell he will begin to DT the raid so long as the boss is alive. If you are able to kill the boss before he kills Morell he will not DT. However if the 3rd statue spawns at a high percentage you are best suited TLing out.

Voice of Ryken - Casts:

--Discipline - AoE 46k DD + 5k Mana Drain + 3.5k End Drain + 3s Stun, 30 AE Range. This is cast on every person who fails an emote.

--Monologue of Command - 1 Tick Charm

--Monologue of Demotion - 1 Tick Fizzle Debuff

--Monologue of Forgetfulness - 1 Tick Melee Silence

--Monologue of Silence - 1 Tick Silence

--Order of Dissonance - 20k PBAE DD, This is cast more frequently the more DPS the boss is taking.

Adds will spawn throughout the event. (All mezzable and snareable):

Wind Bats

--Stunning Shriek - 3s Stun

Song of Ryken

--Knowledge of Flight - Ground spawns appear where they die.


All emotes go to SHOUT. So filtering out a seperate chat window with just SHOUT and watching it would be a good idea if you want to see who is getting the emotes. The emotes that go to YOU personally filter to others and show up like tells (in purple text).

The emotes come in two flavors. Three at a time OR Entire raid. The below emotes cover both of them, but if you want to call out the entire raid ones in your raid chat / voice chat if you use it, knowing the text for those is helpful for the raid leader (see the last section).

Your ENTIRE raid force will need the below 5 Red emotes (the last one for safe measure). If they use GTT, use the Blue lines as the action required.

They trigger every 25 seconds. All emotes you have 5 seconds to comply (10s for the hail emote). The emotes:

Red = Emote

Blue = What to do

Orange = Success Message

Voice of Ryken says 'Flee far from me, and from where you stand!'

Move away from boss and from where you're standing

Voice of Ryken says 'You may return.'

Voice of Ryken says 'Lower yourself before me!'


Voice of Ryken says 'You may rise.'

Voice of Ryken says 'Hail the true God!'

Hail Boss

Voice of Ryken says 'Your praise has been received.'

Voice of Ryken says 'Find a new target for your actions!'

Target something new

Voice of Ryken says 'You have complied.'

--- Note about this next one, it apparently is only given to bards / monks / rogues who can fade quickly ---

Voice of Ryken says 'Your hate from me must fade!'


Voice of Ryken says 'My hate for you has diminished.'

As mentioned above. Failing an emote causes the boss to cast the following spell on each failed emote:

Discipline - AoE 46k DD + 5k Mana Drain + 3.5k End Drain + 3s Stun, 30 AE Range. This is cast on every person who fails an emote.

What this means is two things. During the emotes people need to spread out. Balling up during this will overlap 46k DDs for each failure within 30'. Which means people will instantly get DTed. The other thing it means, is even though you may have done your emote properly, your raidmates failures could have killed you if you were standing inbetween several of them.

Phase 2

Once the Voice of Ryken reaches around 80% he will spawn two statues on the islands above him.

Two SKs must get ground spawns of Knowledge of Flight. There are a few of these in the holes in the ground and they also spawn on the corpses of Song of Rykens. The two SKs need to get around 2-3 of these each, then remove ALL levitate effects and right click it on themselves once.

Alternatively you can use Necromancers. Just keep in mind the 2 necromancers need to keep aggro on the 2 statues, but not kill them. Killing them before the boss dies will cause them to immediately respawn.

Then only these two SKs will run out and run into the dervish that roams around the floor, which will punt them up top to an island. One SK will aggro the left statue, and stand on the right island. The other SK will aggro the right statue, and stand on the left island. They should be standing at the feet of the statue the other SK is keeping aggro on. From then on they just need to hold aggro on the statues and stay on top of its aggro and most importantly KEEP THE Knowledge of Flight buff ALWAYS on.

These two statues:

Command of Ryken

--Dreamer's Affliction - AOE Silence + Melee Silence + Melee Slow, 2 ticsk but chain casted if the above mechanics where the players stand on the statues with the opposite statue on aggro.

--Petrify - PBAE Root + Melee Slow + Fizzle Mod + 20 Curse Counters, 2 tics. Just splash it off if it happens

These will stay up the entire fight and after the Boss is dead you will need to kill these two. If your SKs keep aggro, stay on the islands at the opposite SK's target's feet, and keeps the clicky levitate buff on... they won't pose any threat. You will want a backup knight to be able to cover for an SK who happens to get the 1-tick charm if need be.

Phase 3

Once the Voice of Ryken reaches around 50% he will begin spawning totems called Whisper Stone of Ryken.

These will go around in a circle in the pit area, when they pass you they will give you a FAKE emote. This is why you need to use EXACTLY what is posted above emote wise. Do not follow these emotes. I *believe* they are just there to waste your time and don't have any penalty for following the false emotes, but not 100% sure on that.

From 50%-0% continue holding DPS somewhat steady. Depending on your guilds gear / competence and/or mana of healers / DPS potential, you may want to limit your DPS. If need be you can keep it to Necromancers only with 1-2 extra people burning at a time, with the rest of the raid DPSing adds. If you are extremely confident in your ability to twin-splash cleric/paladin heals and group heal, you can do some decent burns on it.

Raid Leader Info

To watch emotes and call them you can add the following emotes (the 3-mans are kind of useless calling, but mentioning the entire raid ones definitely can help out, because a few poorly placed people can kill 25+ people in under 5 seconds):

Voice of Ryken shouts 'NAMEONE, NAMETWO, and NAMETHREE: Flee far from me, and from where you stand!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'NAMEONE, NAMETWO, and NAMETHREE: Hail the true God!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'NAMEONE, NAMETWO, and NAMETHREE: Lower yourself before me!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'NAMEONE, NAMETWO, and NAMETHREE: Find new targets for your actions!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'NAMEONE, NAMETWO, and NAMETHREE: Your hate for me must fade!'

The below emotes indicate the ENTIRE RAID must participate

Voice of Ryken shouts 'Flee far from me, and from where you stand!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'Lower yourselves before me!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'Hail the true God!'

Voice of Ryken shouts 'Find a new target for your actions!'

Failure Text

Voice of Ryken shouts 'YOURNAME has defied my commands!'

Cacophony of Oratory By: Riou On: August 17, 2012, 03:41:13 PM

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